This year Chester has the humorous category for the One Act Play.  We have chosen to do ???-you'll find out in January the title of our production. 

Regions are hopefully in  Brandon and state is in Brandon! 
 Cast & Crew List

Nar 1: Adam
 Nar 2: John
Actor: Savana (alt: Adam A. & John N.)
Girl: Brooke
Dirt Merchant: Courtney
Rumpelstiltskin: Ezra
Warlock: Adam
The Devil 1: John
Prince 1: Zach
Rapunzel: Bailley
Hansel: Jade L.
Gretel: Marissa
Witch 1: Ashlee
Dwarf 1: Ezra
Dwarf 2: Greg
Snow White: Sierra
Witch 2: Jade A.
Prince 2: Maddie
Devil 2: Bailley
Devil's Grandmother: Jade A.
Doctor: Maddie
God (offstage voice): Adam
Cinderella: Bailley
Audience Members: Brooke, Ashlee, Jade L, Ezra, Zach & Tracy

Student Directors: Taylor  & Katie
Sound Director: Katie
Lighting Director: Taylor
Stage Managers: Alison & Courtney
Crew: Haley, Seth, Raine, & Tracy


 *An alternate will take the place of a regular cast member, if that cast member violates the rules of participation for the 1-act play.  

Results for the 2013  1-Act State Contest .